The draughting process begins with the Draughtsman taking the approved design, transferring it onto graph paper in the traditional way by hand, using the sketching on process. This technique has been passed down from many generations of Leavers Lace Draughtsmen.

We pride ourselves on using this method, as we believe to scan a design directly into the draughting computer, does not achieve the best results for the finished fabric.

At this stage, the draughtsman using his skill and experience will make any necessary adjustments to the pattern to ensure the finished draft will replicate the original selected design.

Using tracing paper over this "sketching on", the path of each individual thread, for every pattern bar is then allocated, ensuring they comply with the machines technical requirements. The completed sketched on pattern is now scanned into the CADT drafting computer. During this process, the draughtsman will add machine data, technical information, pattern threads, and net effects. A simulation of the completed draft would then be e-mailed to the customer to compare against the original selected design for approval. Once approved all technical information is then e-mailed for the customer to begin development of the lace.

Our draughting techniques are continually evolving to support all generations of KARL MAYER machinery, including Chain, Binary, Jacquardtronic and Textronic, through to the technical advances of the latest JL, TL, FL and ML family of machines.

All patterns are securely backed - up and filed should any minor alterations be required. Machine time is of up-most importance therefore any alterations are processed as quickly as possible keeping machine production time to a maximum.